Spiritual Narrative Illustration

Spiritual Narrative Illustration is a process of making art about an individual’s life, focusing on a particular event or season of life. Living life can be joyful, perplexing, painful, and strange. Parts of our journey lead us to feel a range of intense emotions. Spiritual Narrative Illustration is meant to help process these intense and significant experiences of life, good, bad, and everything in-between.

“Here There Be Monsters” (11in by 14in) Watercolor

Having an illustration of a moment of your life could steel your resolve to keep growing, remind you about what’s important, help you mourn, ease a life transition, bring you comfort, hope, or clarity. My hope is to create something that helps you gain perspective on the part of your journey in question as part of a grand, beautiful narrative beyond yourself.

Being a person of faith, my perspective on journeys is rooted in my belief in the God of the Bible. As such my creation process is always prayerful, asking God to do more with the art then I can do on my own. Nonetheless this service can be beneficial for those of all spiritual backgrounds (or lack thereof), and I intend to make any client comfortable, regardless of their worldview. But for my fellow Christians, this process would include open discussion of God’s work in your life, hopefully revealing your story as beginning and ending with God in the most mysterious and wonderful way.

Reach out to me to begin discussing a Spiritual Narrative Illustration of your own! I am willing to work with you on price, so if you feel like this might help you, don’t let finances stop you.