None Like This (First Draft Pages 1-3)

To the dear heart who reads:

Okay, delivered as promised, but I think can I do better. It’s best to go ahead and be humble and publish this as is, but I consider this a first draft. More notes after the story on why.

As maybe you do too, I have a deep need to explain myself and be understood. That feeling is where this story is born from. That and the desire to unravel the deep and still unmatched feelings I had for this boy. It is important that you know, dear reader, that all these feelings I had are now in the past. What I want to retain is the memory of the world that was born between us. That, is something different.

This story is set in my time at a one-year program in a Bible Institute in northeast America. The names have been changed to protect the privacy of my friend, who I still admire, but now from a respectable distance.


Over time I may re-do all three of these pages, really just the images, I’ll keep the panels and text etc. I’m learning how to build a creative process for storytelling through sequential art, because, while it’s perhaps my greatest love in art, I have had very little formal training in it. A lesson learned: I don’t like using technical pen the way you’re supposed to. I like to build and sketch and wiggle in the drawing process, technical pen isn’t built for that. However I’ve got my heart a little set on using it kinda “wrong” as you see here. I’ve gone over lines multiple times so I can get that “built-up” effect. We’ll see where it goes, maybe even more towards multi-media with torn paper and messiness. I just need a way to try things on the paper without so much pressure, nice illustrative style with pen is too much pressure. Another Lesson: TEST YOUR MEDIUM ON YOUR PAPER BEFOREHAND. Who knew that bristol board doesn’t take cheap watercolor very well? Me. I know that now. I have learned that.

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