A Pack of Greeting Cards

My friend and old neighbor Stephanie commissioned me for a selection of greeting/holiday cards. They are for a new amazing shop she’s opening in Norman, OK called ‘Seed and Spindle’.

I had a delightful time making these cards. I’m finding myself using patterned paper and layering it along with my drawings a lot. It’s a combination that’s really working for me. I enjoy choosing a singular subject to draw, and then setting it free by cutting it out. Layering paper allows me to fiddle with my content and composition without committing until I am ready. Fiddling without committing–my favorite!

I hope to keep taking this concept deeper as I do more meaningful works. After a recent visit to my parent’s house, I realized that my obsession with paper is due in large part to my mother’s obsession with fabric (she’s a quilter and a known fabric-hoarder). I am pleased and proud to find that I’ve been subconsciously pulling from deep roots in my life, and I expect it to be a powerful tool moving forward.

Below are my favorites from the batch:






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